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Become an Internet broadband adviser : People of India can share their experience about their current or Ex broadband connection provider company. you can share guidelines, which will help others to choose the best “Internet Service Provider” easily in chandigarh, Punjab & India. Here you can read, write and edit advantages / disadvantages of various broadband connections. Share all your observations about your current or old internet operator. Tell others the details of practical download/upload speed, customer care service, bandwidth stability, technical support, drop time, peak hours effects, billing transparency, monthly rental plans, high speed data capping, initial set-up cost, Ping connectivity time etc. It will lead to collect useful data for other broadband users. Please leave your remarks & comments honestly. Please write like a gentleman and keep your words polite while you write about any of ISP broadband company.

Points to be included for posting a clear & understandable review about your broadband experience with any Internet Service provider. 

  • Include your name, city, address and phone number in comment (It is mandatory for us to approve your review/ comment)
  • write about difference in practical broadband speed that you are receiving & offered broadband speed (as your internet provider company claiming )
  • If you are more technical person,, Write about ping, connectivity etc.
  • Share here information about installation charges, set-up cost, wi-fi equipment quality (if provided by company) etc.
  • Don’t forget to write few words about customer service / technical support.
  • It is important to share your rental plan with its description of data & speed
  • Tell other visitors if you have got any better option from other operator.
  • Explain your experience like you are guiding our other visitors.

Here we will try to assist you to select best broadband service for you in chandigarh and Punjab.

  • Wireless 3g internet connectivity solutions
  • DSL Wired broadband connection
  • FTTH optical fiber cable broadband connection
  • 4g wireless internet network
  • Internet Leased line services for corporate use
  • WiMax – Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
  • satellite internet broadband connection
  • Bandwidth Link, Primary Rate Interface (PRI Line), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

If you are thinking to book a new broadband connection in Chandigarh & Punjab,,, don’t get confused in between these internet accessing technologies. Just leave it on us and we will suggest you the best broadband connection according to your need and your area. We provide broadband connection in Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Panchkula, mohali, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Patiala, Bathinda cities of Punjab. Ask us about details of broadband plans, set up charges, bandwidth of all broadband internet providers and let us help you in deciding, what’s best internet connectivity solution for your business or home.

Best and worst broadband providers revealed by genuine opinions of internet users!  Some of the big broadband provider companies were beaten by smaller ISP companies in Chandigarh and Punjab.

Some of the biggest broadband service providers are still disappointing on basic customer support, internet speed and reliability. After sales, they are not performing exactly to their promised services. Explore the results of your internet operator? Consider this as customer satisfaction survey and post your comments below this page. The three biggest broadband connection providers – Airtel, Connect and Fastway Netplus – who collectively captured approximately 86% of internet market in chandigarh and Punjab. Opting a new broadband connection provider /ISP for your home or office is far from easy. Subscribers face a bombardment of confusing internet choices from all sides, each advertising different speeds, features, prices and network availability. On this front our aim is to simplify the available broadband options and make the process a little bit easier, even for users, who are not technically strong. The quality of the internet service and performance can vary hugely depending upon location of user and availability of network/ technology. Most providers in the residential market also share their network capacity between many users in order to make the service affordable, which means that even some of the best ISPs can suffer a loss of speed during busy periods.

Please leave your feedback here. your reviews are important for us and other internet users. Please Share : What Broadband Service are you using currently ? How is your internet connection performing ? What internet tariff pack have you subscribed ? and any thing concerned with internet service providers.  Don’t forget to mention your broadband operator and your city area. Please post your remarks in ‘comment‘ area given below at end of this page. 

Welcome to this exclusive broadband forum for chandigarh and Punjab telecom circle. You will find here topics dedicated to ADSL, VDSL, coaxial cable, PRI, internet leased line, fiber to the home (FTTH) and wireless internet technologies to provide Internet access in chandigarh, Punjab. and remote areas of India. Through comments, you can ask your technical or sales questions and if you can respond to a user, remember that your participation is an important part of conversation.

This is a forum for broadband users of chandigarh, Punjab, Delhi & Lucknow to discuss internet connectivity related topics. Check out the latest deals and user reviews on the different internet operators of chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Patiala, Mohali, panchkula, Jalandhar & Bathinda. In this section you can ask questions about your Internet connection with your operator or configuring your router. You can also share your opinions with other users and solve technical, sales or commercial questions. Get specialized technical assistance about different broadband operators to resolve technical issues. Check the actual speed of your Internet connection and share it with details of your ISP (Internet service provider) company name and your city. Ask here which Wifi + LAN routers are recommended to use with ADSL2, FTTH and other broadband technologies.

Information on the Internet connection Broadband services for chandigarh, Ludhiana, Mohali, Amritsar, Panchkula, Jalandhar, Patiala and Bathinda (Punjab). Various Internet operators, their access technologies, regulation of services of access to internet , coverage and public support the services of access to broadband Internet offered to end users. Please also contribute your opinions to ADSL Zone FTTH discussions. Meet different deployment plans of operators, commercial / residential offers and the different opinions of broadband internet consumers. Raise all your questions on installing fibre, configuration and different views to optimize your internet performance. You will also find technical information for choosing router that best suits your needs.

What is uploading and downloading speed of your broadband connection ? 

Other internet users from chandigarh and Punjab want to know upload and download speed of your internet broadband connection. Please share it with name of your broadband provider company, your rental plan, difference between promised speed (told by your ISP in your selected plan) and actual speed, your contact number and other useful information. Post your remarks in Comment box.

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  1. how much time does it take to install the new connection of Reliance broadband( thunder 699) in ludhiana?

  2. I want a new broadband connection in phagwara…. I’m staying in pritim nagar,phagwara. Punjab…my mble num is 7529006182..soo please help me to get a new connection

  3. Please suggest 4G / Broadband wired/ wireless service providers for following location: Army Cantt, Chandimandir, Panchkula.

  4. Hi, For

    Wireline & Wireless
    Dedicated Internet / Leased Line / Last mile
    Managed / MPLS connectivity
    Backhaul / Clean Internet services
    2G, 3G, Wifi, Wimax, Lastmile radio services
    IPSec, GRE based VPNs
    L2VLL / L2 any to any services

    you can contact LoyalTelesystems.  They are operational in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune ,Chennai and Hyderabad .expanding in tier II cities of India Loyal Telesystems enjoys the premium partnership status with AVAYA, SAMSUNG, acer, HP

  5. I have been using Reliance Broadband at from past few years. but only issue i always face is with their complaint handling team, no body care whether your complaint is resolved or not, they will create the ticket for repair and then will close the complaint by their own without verifying with the customer.
    Internet speed is pretty good but service sucks… I disconnect the service due to this issue and i check with people around me at my area all are facing he same kind of issue still. so will prefer reliance broadband only when they are capable of providing the after sales service.

  6. I want to buy a broadband connection at ramdarbar,ph-2, chandigarh location . Please suggest me some plans

  7. Please don’t go for reliance broadband, Worst of the Worst services, Pathetic…
    No Customer Care… No Body care about Complaints… Specialty In Ludhiana Punjab…

    Reliance Communication FLOP SERVICES

  8. I want a new connection for my home in Chandigarh, which broadband plan will be suitable for me as I want unlimited data plan at cheaper cost? Also, I want 4G internet speed, can I get broadband plan that meet my requirements?

  9. Hi. I bought in February in Jaipur an 4g dongle ZTE MF70 which was working good on Windows 7. I would like to know if it works on Windows 10. I don’t find on line (maximum is Windows 8…?). I searched on the web (ZTE MF70 drivers Windows 10) but I got only download pages with virus.

    Have you an idea ?

    I will need when I will come back for my usual 3 months holidays (from France to India).

    Thanks a lot.


  10. I have taken 1299/ plan with 60GB data.
    The speed I get is 4 Mbps
    In our society other service providers are giving 8mbps speed of internet download.
    Request try in yours also
    Col Anil Balu

  11. Plz recommand me broadband connection with free calling facility at cheaper rates in Ropar, Punjab area.
    Contact No – 9XX85XX366

  12. Im looking for at least 8Mbs stable speed on landline in sector 8A, Chandigarh. Minimum usage is 180 GB or unlimited. Payment is set on 2500 rupees a month maximum.
    Contact me just if you can really provide this type of servise.

    Thank you

  13. Netplus broadband is good for 15 days or 1 month then it speed will be less than 1mbps from 5 mbps, i recomend dont get trapped, its useless company n btoadband. Unlimited is of no use if u cant use it.

  14. Tell me about broadband connectivity in Ludhiana, Punjab . About their Service and speed they provide .
    Please tell me as soon as possible and you can mail me at my email id .

  15. Provider detail for maharashra also.
    Its very good information of internet service provider.

  16. Hi,

    Which internet connection is good in Dhilwan, Rama Mandi, Jalandhar. Please contact me on urgent basis at 9646040510


  17. Net plus broadband of fastway , I am from Ludhiana using the same plan of 999 , getting average 45mbps speed with 100 GB data limit for a month , working well for last 4 months to till now .

  18. Hie,

    I would like to suggest “” for searching Internet Service Providers in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai Location.

  19. Connect broadband is best option for FTTH optical fiber connection. I am already using FTTH Internet plan of 999 in sector 34 Chandigarh. I am getting pure 50 Mbps bandwidth and even after my FUP data limit, I get 5 Mbps Internet spreed throughout month.

    1. We can’t say which one is best, because it depends upon various flexible factors,, Like : area, available internet technology, data/speed/budget requirements of customer etc. Please consult our experts so that we can suggest you best broadband connection at your location, as per your requirement.

      Thanks for your interest!

  20. How to increase data in existing broadband plan,, Can we get the same scheme in new CONNECT broadband connection at sector-35 Chandigarh city.

    1. Currently Connect broadband is already offering extra data in all of its rental tariffs. you can ask us for assistance to compare the data, speed and prices of various broadband provider companies in chandigarh sector -35 C.

  21. I have to write it to complain about Connect Broadband service.

    Actually since Nov 1,2014 I have been using Connect service,
    every month I pay my bill on time. Moreover I have never got
    it in bill your any payment is pending.
    Its rent is just 399.

    But today on 31/01/2018 I got message
    (Mr./Ms. xxxxxx, Court case filed against you in district court Mohali
    by our advocate for recovery of rs. 3139 for using
    Connect no. 2563382. For details, Contact 9815792623.)

  22. Hello, I would say that the connect is the worst company ever. Their employees do not follow the process. They do not have any technical knowledge. They are not professionals. Even when they send wiring guy, he does not know how to install cables properly. He was ready to create a web of wires in-front of house without considering danger that can happen due to the web of wires. Its not the fault of wiring guy, its the fault of the company who do not provide them with proper training and proper tools.
    The employees of connect do not know how to speak, they do not provide proper information. I do not know what connect company managers and CEO’s are doing to improve the quality. It seems for connect company and for their employees only connections are important but not the customer. They are supposed to guide the customer and provide all the necessary information and documentation. But, they do not provide any information and documentation/receipts to customer. They do not update at all. I am really disappointed from their service. Worst experience. I believe connect company does not have enough or proper infrastructure to run the company and to maintain their quality. I believe even internal departments does not have a common platform of communication. Their connection does not work properly, not stable and above all they do not know how to fix it. They say technical person will visit, but no one comes. Sales person is visiting you and asking for fee but not providing any receipt. When customer asks what kind of connections are available and whats the difference between connection, they say, you do not need to worry, I will do everything for you. Is this the right way? The day connection was installed, it did not even work properly for whole day. On first day, when connection was activated and profile was created it showed that 10Gb of data was used. Really? How come it can be used when you just activated the connection. Anyways, later connection was disconnecting about 10 to 50 times a day. I had logged complaint about it many times but no solution was provided. My work suffered a lot because of their poor services. I requested for disconnection. It was disconnected but then they were not able to generate the bill in time. When information regarding their officials were requested, they are unable to provide information regarding their managers, CEO and directors. Now, I requested to send me the information like the document that shows day to day usage and the connection time when it was working and when it was disconnected. But instead of providing me with full information they just send me the bill without any usage and connection information.

    I would recommend not to go for connect broadband company. Choose any other company than this one. Worst company ever.

    Sarabjit Singh

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